Sunday, September 20, 2015

Big pikes and extreme weather

Hi guys!

I'm sorry that it's been some time since last post here. We have simply been busy and I've been out on the water on guided tours a lot lately. Results has been good overall with several nice pikes caught by our guests during last 7-10 days. So here's a review about results, conditions and more from this week!

In the beginning of this week I went out together with Peter & Anders from Sweden. It was their very first visit to us and they felt a guided tour could give them some ideas of how, where and when to fish in our waters. Our tour of 4 hours started out a bit slow but soon enough pikes started to bite in shallow bays. McRubber and McRubber Jr in motoroil or burbot colour ended up being our best lures. Big fish was caught with 97, 96, 87 and 86cm as our longest, results isn't to complain about for sure! About 13 pikes or so in total gave these lads a good start of their stay.

The next day I went out with returning guests from Slovakia when Poulik family came back for a week of fishing. Their numbers previous trip was good but size wasn't, so this time they (of course) wanted to catch a big fish. How hard can it be when the first fish their dad caught this time measured impressive 108cm?!? McRubber did the trick again and of course they were happy already when I met them again on Tuesday morning for our guided tour. And our tour was also successful since we ended up with approx 40 pikes caught and biggest ones of 97, 95, 92cm and several more around 85cm. Nice tour with nice lads and so happy that we managed to catch some big fish together!

On Thursday we had many anglers coming to us. About 40 guests entered our camp to hopefully catch some nice fish. Unfortunately, weather gods wasn't peaceful to them. Very hard winds of 13m/s in average and up to 19m/s in squalls made it hard for most guests. It didn't really help that water level dropped all the way down to -52cm until Friday....

A guided tour with returning Swedish guests in Asplund company on Friday resulted in poor fishing. Conditions was very tough and places that was working well just days earlier was more or less impossible to fish at with low water level and very strong winds. Unfortunately we didn't find any big fish and only 5 pikes was caught in 4 hours.

Yesterday invited to a bit better conditions since water level raised to be -20cm and wind was a bit lower as well. This day I had a full day tour on the water with returning guest Mattias with his son Isak. Fishing started out slow and by lunch time we was up to 5 or 6 pikes. One fish of 85cm but still no monsters... I changed my plans a bit and decided to go to the middle part of the archipelago instead and leave the bays. This was a good decision for the moment since we caught many pikes in just one hour. Just before the end I told "It would be so nice to end up this trip with a nice sized fish!". It didn't take longer than 5 minutes before Mattias hooked a monster in shallow water on a McRubber Jr. The fish fought well but soon enough I secured her in the net.

The fish showed up to be 109 lovely centimeters long and gave Mattias a new personal best! Great moment and it all ended like a fairytale. In total we caught about 25 pikes with the beast on top of that!

Overall results this weekend has variated a lot between the boats where some managed to catch 20-40 pikes per day while other boats ended up with just around 10-15 pikes in total. Some big fish was reported as well since pikes of 112, 103 and 102cm was reported as well.

Great interest in fishing at the moment and we are currently having 8 boats out on the water for a week of fishing. These guests are from Sweden, Poland, Latvia and Hungary. Many more to come on Thursday as we are fully booked next weekend.

Water temperature is still around 15 degrees in most areas and water level is soon back to normal again. Bays seems to deliver the biggest pikes at the moment but when it comes to amounts there are still a few places in the middle and outer part of archipelago that produces even better.

Tomorrow I'm heading out on the water again with returning guest Emil with company for a full day. Hopefully to be back with even more nice reports after that! :)

// Daniel Wickman