Monday, March 2, 2015

We open up 19th of Mars!

As the headline says, we have now decided to open up our camp a bit earlier than previous years. Normally we would open our camp at April 2nd but we have now changed this to a new date, Mars 19th. This means we will be open for fishing packages two weeks earlier than estimated and we have already now received bookings for the first opening weekend!

Fishing is continuously very good even though the weather has started to make things a bit more difficult. One day wind is super strong and this makes most bays very murky, just to change to be almost no wind and sunny the next day. So far nice fish continues to be reported and 10kg+ pikes seems to be caught every week. Went out for a half day trip on Saturday with my girlfriend and once again a nice fish was caught. Weight scale showed 8,5kgs and just over the meter in length (picture). A beauty!

Tried Sunday as well but winds came in strong which forced me to stay in the surrounding area. Most places was affected by the wind and murky waters wasn't to good for pikes this day. Only 4 small cucumbers in 2 hours before rain/snow started to drop down in excess. I decided to end up the day after realizing that my fingers was to frozen to feel anything anymore.

Even though we're closed this doesn't mean we have nothing to do. It's actually the opposite. Many booking inquiries every day and boats to be prepared for fishing season.

Stay well mates and more posts to come soon!

// Daniel Wickman