Saturday, September 6, 2014

Busy times with sun and pikes

Finally we have now reached September which in my opinion is one of the better months for pike fishing. There is no other time on the year when the pikes are more spread out in the archipelago than what they are now. You can catch pikes in the very outer parts of the archipelago, you can catch them around the islands in the middle part but also inside shallow bays already.

Surprisingly, fishing is continuously good even though the weather is like the middle of July. 21 degrees in the air, sunny, barely no clouds on the sky and very low winds. Several times every week I receive reports about meter+ pikes both from guests and local anglers. Two guided trips this week resulted in 24 pikes on a 4 hour trip and about 34 pikes on an 8 hour trip a few days earlier.

Pikes are striking hard most of times these days. Me personaly have experienced really good fishing on Wolf Tail Jr in many colours lately. These lures has been literally deep throated numbers of times.

Today we have 10 boats with anglers out on our waters. Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Poland are represented here atm and a group from Czech Republic left us early this morning with happy smiles on their faces after a great fishing week.

Hopefully I will receive some reports and photos tomorrow to share on the blog.

Until then, stay well and have a continously fishy weekend!

// Daniel Wickman