Friday, May 2, 2014

Busy weekend

May is here and we are looking forward to a busy month of fishing with a lot of guests coming here within upcoming weeks. At the moment all of our Master boats are out for both weekend and week long rentals.

Fishing seems to give variating results each day and I have to say that all pikes are still not done spawning yet. Went out yesterday with my parents and caught 8 pikes in less than 2 hours of fishing. 2 of them still dropped eggs in the boat.

This is probably why I don't hear any crazy reports like +50 pikes in one boat yet. Most anglers reports between 10-30 pikes per boat and day which still is okey numbers, but not crazy. A few pikes just over the meter margin has been caught by our guests last couple of days and a bunch of +85cm.

Just received some really nice pics from our returning skilled guests from Netherlands, Pascal and Dennis, who managed to catch approx 120 pikes during their one week stay with a handful of really nice pikes. A few of them can be seen in the end of this post!

As mentioned earlier, not all pikes are done spawning but I would estimate that at least 90% of them are done. Most fish that we catch now is actually in decent condition in average, so obviously they are eating quite well. It seems like best fishing has been in the bays still even though we find fish almost in the whole archipelago now.

Herring is still inside the harbour in huge numbers so I bet the pikes around there feast in great food right now.

More reports to come on Sunday or Monday when I've got reports from our guests who fish here over the weekend.

Stay well!

// Daniel Wickman