Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome April

Hi fellow followers.

It's been a while since last post and that's simply because there hasn't been that much to tell. Last weekend we had a few anglers here who tried their luck for pre-spawn pikes. Weather situation kind of messed with us since we had sun with barely no clouds most of the weekend. And it should be mentioned that there wasn't any wind to talk about either so the conditions were tough for sure. A lot of pikes was seen inside the bays but of course they were not that eager to bite in these conditions.

Me myself have been very busy with work and moving into my flat past days so no time spent on water lately. Hopefully there will be some time over upcoming days after work!

Furthermore, I've received quite a few questions about pike spawning; Are they done yet? Where are the pikes at the moment? Well in the big archipelago that surrounds us water temperatures variates from approx 5.5-9.0C degrees. I've got reports about pikes who already have spawned, and there is also reports about pikes that are not even close to spawn yet.

What many people miscalculate is the fact that it's not only about water temperature. It's also of great importance that the pikes get enough "bright hours" per day. So even if we would have these temperatures in December,  pikes would probably not spawn since we barely have 7-8 hours a day without darkness. Now we're in April and in every 7 days we will get almost 30 more minutes of daylight. So time is soon right for spawning and so is the temperature.

Lastly, It should also be mentioned that with variating temperatures around in the archipelago, not all pikes are spawning at the same time. That's why this time of the year is quite interesting. You can catch really fat ladys in one bay, and then move to another bay where pikes are in a totally different phase of spawning where they might even be done.

Well, I've got some boats to paint so stay updated for some new posts! :)

Best regards,

Daniel Wickman