Saturday, June 15, 2013

Guided fishing trip

Hello fishing enthusiasts.

We're in the middle of June and midsommer is approaching fast. We still have some fishing guests at the camp and continuosly weekly guided fishing trips. Today I went out with Swedish guests who celebrated a 50yrs birthday as a present with friends out on the water. We had 7 pikes in just a few hours of fishing with a 90cm on top and we also lost a big fish just a few meters from the boat. Lovely day to be out on the water since we had sun and low winds.

Water temperature is between 16-19 degrees everywhere at the moment and pikes has spread out widely in the archipelago. Fish is being very active and gives good fights, even the small ones do fight like bastards!  

Even though we're in June, winds are being strong every now and then. Yesterday we had 18m/s in the wind squalls and tomorrow it will be the same.

I could also recommend that if you consider come fishing in autumn season, it's about time to look in your schedules since we're taking bookings every now and then for popular weeks in mainly September. Also, we're soon fully booked when it comes to boats for Blekinge Pike Festival. So if you consider to compete in this years festival and want to book a package It's strongly to recommend to do so soon to avoid disapointment.

Have a continously nice weekend!

  // Daniel Wickman