Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pikes everywhere!

Hello to all,

We're in the middle of high season for spring fishing and pikes are really dancing with us at the moment. Fortunately, all boats are working well now and all of them are out for a couple of more weeks.

We do have packages left from May 25th if interested, this is in my opinion one of the best weeks to fish for pikes in our area. This week we have several returning guests but also some groups who visit us for their first time. At the moment we're holding fishing guests from Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and more to come on Saturday from France and Latvia.

Amounts of pike is mostly good and variates from 10-40 pikes in each boat per day. Temperatures has rised a lot lately so we do have up to 16-17 degrees in shallow areas at the moment. This has also started the invasion of hornpikes, who already has been caught in the waters around Dragsö. With light equipment and  small spoon lures, they're actually very fun to fish for as a break from catching the regular pikes.

According to personal experience and what the reports are telling me about, blue/white lures (herring colour) are catching best at the moment. This concern both jerkbaits and softbaits. Nice report yesterday from Jesper who belongs to Karlskrona fishingteam 'Gäddstaun' texted me about an insane evening fishing on his own. Approx 30 pikes and two individuals with a weight of +6kg!

I've also got a few pictures from the French guests who visited us last week, so here they come!

// Daniel Wickman