Friday, August 3, 2012

Pikesafari #6 2012

Friday evening at Dragsö and we are busy at the campsite since this is the last big vacation weekend in Sweden. With a full campsite the last couple of weeks, we also had a big group who joined the pikesafari yesterday.

With a total of 32 anglers, we went out west to the islands of Ivö, Utö and Ekeskär. Fishing started out slow in the approx 4m/s east winds. Both me and David were kind of surprised over the sea weed conditions out there though. Last weeks hot temperatures really did some "damage" on the pike waters since many usually very good spots wasn't even possible to fish at this time. So much sea weed that your lure barely touched the surface before you had enough sea weed to fill a good runned sushi bar.

Well, enough about that. In my boat we decided to make a quick last stop at the first place, which showed up to be a good decision. A few casts there and a 81,5cm fish completely inhaled a brown coloured jerkbait.

Lucky with the stop, all boats continued to the second place which this time showed up to be around Ramsö & Svinön, just west of Dragsö. At this place, I think most boats had better fishing and contact with pikes. Some boats did catch a few smaller pikes while some had a hard time finding something else than the never ending sea weed bunches. Personally, I also caught a perch of nice size before we went back to Dragsö.

In conclusion, 8 boats managed to catch 18 pikes this time, 5 of them in my boat while 2 boats stayed on the zero barrier. 81,5cm on the first place showed up to be the biggest for the day, followed by a 74cm.

Daniel 2, David 0. Good Times :)

                                                               David instructs where to go


Every beginner in fishing has to cross the same way as described above. I can very well understand!