Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blekinge Pike Festival is over!

Hi everyone!

Blekinge Pike Festival with its 530 competitors has now ended for this year and by now Camp Dragso Sportfishing is also closed for this season.

The weather was not really showing any mercy to us at this years edition of Blekinge Pike Festival. Especially not the 2nd day. In the morning we had frost, light winds from north which died off completely later on the day. That wasn't all though. We also had approx 40cm higher water level than normal and the water was crystal clear as well.
With these conditions in mind, the results good really poor. We didn't even catch a measurable pike during the competition (pikes had to be at least 75cm to count them in).

Winner fish in total measured 110cm and 3 more fish over the meter was catched during the festival. 530 competitors were participating during the two days and most reports were the same. Really hard fishing with a few lucky boats who found some good spots obviously.

We had a really nice time though during the festival and tried to keep up our patience during the hard fishing. Hopefully next years festival will give us better conditions and more fish!