Monday, September 2, 2013

Where did time go?!

Hi to you all.

It has been a busy time last two weeks by ending the regular camping season and preparing for the fishing autumn. At the moment we don't have any fishing guests at all at the campsite but on Thursday several groups arrives to hunt our pikes for a weekend. More groups to come in upcoming weeks as well, even though we have vacances still for most weeks. A few guided fishing trips has also been made lately with decent results. 

To be honest, it feels like autumn is coming late this year. At least for one more week we will have more than 20 degrees in daytime but at least wind strength has started to look more like autumn. Today and the day before yesterday we've been having +10m/s, mostly from west. 

A few days ago, there was some time over before work so I decided to go to multiple places just to find out where pikes seems to be at the moment. I got kind of surprised when I was trying out a shallow bay, approx 0,5-1m of water and actually I did see at least 10 pikes in a small area of water.
Since water temperature still varies between 16-18 degrees, I was kind of surprised that so many pikes seemed to be in the bays already. Interesting, for sure!

Upcoming days I will be off work so I look forward to some fishing, even though forecast doesn't look to promising. 

Another fun fact is that we got more than a month left to Blekinge Pike Festival but already, less than 2 weeks since registration opened for the competition, approx 430 anglers has signed up. Most of them will start from Dragsö so already the guys in charge of the festival has stopped the registration with starts from Dragsö. This means that from now on the last anglers who joins the festival will have to start from Ronneby, Karlshamn or Sölvesborg since we are full on Dragsö.  

// Daniel Wickman 

Fishing is fun in the clear waters!