Thursday, September 19, 2013

And the meter pikes goes on, ho-ro ho-ro!

Back at work after a few days without working duties so a lot of time has been spent on the water. Fishing is excellent at the moment even though the amounts has been going down a bit since last week.

Yesterday I went out very early when the sun was about to rise but is was a cold morning (Approx 8 degrees) and there was no wind either. Therefore fishing was starting out slow in the clear waters but got better when wind strength was increasing in the morning hours.

Most fishing now is set to shallow bays but still pikes is caught in the middle part of archipelago around the islands. Since a lot of pikes has been caught in 0,5m of water I have now started to fish with Mouse (hand made pike casting fly) again. With this lure I've been very successful and so yesterday as well. 106cm pike in crystal clear water. The strike was to remember for a long time. A small wave was built behind the fly and I saw a big pike following at least 10m away from the boat. I stopped and made a small jerk with the fly and BAM! The big pike inhaled my Mouse (or the residues of it).

A few fish around 80-85 was caught in the morning before I took some time to rest and eat. In the afternoon I joined my friend Jacob to go for a afternoon trip. Since he loves to compete, he was eager to "win" the battle against me when it comes to; 1-First fish 2-Most fish 3-Biggest fish. Once again, he was about the get beaten, of course :-)

Numbers wasn't to good in the afternoon but we reached 11 pikes and a funny thing that happend during our trip was that I catched anoter meter pike. Immediately, I recognized this pike on a few marks on its body and directly I could determine that this pike was caught last Sunday! Same pike, 100 meters away from last time I caught it but this time on the Mouse and not a tail bait. This is such a nice receipt of Catch&Release working well. 5 days between the catches of this +1m pike!

Now a week of work is waiting but of course I will try to get some fishing done before work during this time, so more to come!!

// Daniel Wickman

106 centimeter of love!
Catch and Release - Working well!

Look at the colours of this beuty!