Saturday, September 21, 2013

Great interest for pike autumn fishing

From today we have a little more than 3 weeks left of the season and 2 weeks to Blekinge Pike Festival. From this date we are now fully booked with all Master boats for the rest of season when it comes to weekend packages. From today we can only offer Reval 440 boats for week- and weekend packages but Sunday-Thursday is still possible for all weeks with all package alternatives.

For sure pleasant that the interest for pike fishing is so good and fortunately the autumn season has so far been very good both when it comes to amounts and sizes. Upcoming week looks to be good as well if the weather forecast is even the slightest close to be correct.

Most reports is telling the same thing these days. Fishing is good in very shallow bays (0.3-1.0m). A few decent sized pikes has also been caught in the middle part of the archipelago and yesterday one of our returning guests had very good fishing in shallow waters far out in the outer archipelago.

Successful lures recently has actually been spinning flies of variating types and colours. I guess this is because it's hard to find any lures that are presented better in very shallow waters without getting sea weed on your hooks. But as always, It's all about finding the key.
// Daniel Wickman

Mouse spinning fly +130 pikes later