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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Peak season is over.. Or is it??

Hi fellow readers!

Wow.. I think we have a different clock at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. We're in June now but it feels like it's still middle of May. Days are running by so fast! Actually, the official opening dates for spring fishing season is already ended but still we had about 50 anglers on our camp this weekend. In addition, we had almost the whole campsite fully booked for campers and caravans last few days.

Last week results were some days very good, with up to 50 pikes/boat and day. As always, there are big varieties between our rental boats. Some catch 0-5 pikes per day, some catch 20 per day.. This was also the case during this weekend. The best boats had about 20-30 pikes per day while there were at the same time boats with 1-5 pikes per boat and day.

Some big fish was caught during the last week or so as well. 108, 107, 107 was the top pikes caught by our guests and a couple of them not far from the magical 10kgs mark.

During most of June there will be less fishing guests and more "regular" camping visitors. Still, for those who want, there is several weekends available in June as well. It feels like the typical "May fishing" is a bit delayed this year and maybe we can experience that great fishing in June instead!

Hopefully, I will have some days on the water upcoming week. Most of my days off work last few weeks has been full of other plans (Yes, obviously I can do something else than fishing!). To be back with more reports soon..

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Getting better

Hi fellow readers!

Most of May has been a disappointing month for anglers visiting Karlskrona. It's been unusually cold and most days has been North/North-East winds. Not the favorite conditions for sure and pikes has for sure not been happy or eager to feed on our baits. May is normally a month when numbers can be great since pikes are feeding after spawning. This year however, not many days has offered good numbers. Many boats has reported between 1-5 pikes/day while as always a few boats finds areas where the pikes are active and numbers of 30 pikes in a day is reached. Still, those kind of reports has been rare for the whole month.

Many guided trips has been on my schedule lately. Unfortunately, many of these trips resulted in low numbers as well. Only a few trips got up to "normal" levels with between 15-28 pikes per day.

However, last days has been warmer and water temperature is now around 14 degrees in average and warmer in the bays. This is for sure positive and maybe fishing starts to get better now. Yesterday I was out for just three hours during a special event with clothing brand Didriksons. Me, Willy and Didriksons representatives Per & Ulf had a really good morning with 20 pikes caught. A lot of missed strikes and followers as well, in areas where there was basically no activity 10 days ago.

A lot more boats have now started to report between 20-30 pikes per day, some with even more. I say, FINALLY!

We still have some busy weeks before summer season starts for real. Hopefully fishing can continue to be good or even better during the last "spring" weeks. Actually, today we've had 25 degrees! The warmest day this year for sure.

And hey! Don't miss the chance to catch some herring or why not horn pike/"garfish". They are here in huge numbers at the moment but soon enough they will all be gone again, for this time.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing in a near future!

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, May 6, 2019

May update!

May is finally here and as always this is a very busy month for us. Last weekend we were fully booked. We had 17 rental boats out on the water plus another 10-12 private boats. In addition to this, we also had some guided trips and you can understand that we had our schedule filled to its limits!

Weather has continued to be strange. During the last few days we've had several nights where air temperature dropped below zero again. Combined with this, we also had several days where day time offered all sorts of weather. Sparkling sun, wind squalls up to 18m/s, heavy rain, light rain, hail, small twisters... we had it all!

When it comes to results, I would say that you can for sure feel now that activity is slowly getting better. Pikes has now started to spread out from the bays and can now be found in most parts of the archipelago. Yesterday, I had a guided trip with two Swedish men. We managed to catch 18 pikes during the day and most of them was caught around islands. The biggest pike caught by our guests last weekend, at least of what I heard of, was 105cm.

Today we also welcomed Ivan to our crew. He spent a week at our camp some weeks ago but has now graduated from the Swedish Sportfishing Academy, ready to start work immediately! Make sure to say hi to him if you visit us!

Our on site restaurant has been facing some major renovation lately but will soon be ready to open up again. The original plan is to open for lunch at 20th of May while the restaurant will be fully renovated and done in mid June. I can assure you, it's going to be great!

Right now we have a little less than 20 anglers on site with many more to arrive in a few days. Still, a few weekends in May is still open for reservations. Normally, most weekends get fully booked early but this year we still have a few packages available during popular weeks and weekends. Don't miss out!

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, April 21, 2019

A well visited Easter holiday

My frequent readers will probably understand why the activity here in the blog has been low lately. Simply, there has been no time to sit down and make an update.. However, now it's finally time again!

We're in the middle of easter holiday and at Dragsö we have more than 150 campers/caravans staying over the weekend. Today we also said goodbye to about 35 anglers that tried their luck over the last few days. Weather has been super strange lately. Last week we had 5 consecutive nights with negative degrees which once again created small layers of ice in a few shallow bays in the archipelago. However, this week has been the completely different since several days is reaching air temperatures of 20 degrees. This combined with nothing but sun, no winds at all and low water (-40cm) doesn't really invite to good pike fishing conditions.

Most guests that left us today reported about low numbers and not to many big fish either. At least two pikes over +100cm and the best boat had 25 pikes in one day, while many barely reached a handful per day.

I wild guess would be that approx 4/5 pikes are now done with spawning. However, still we get reports about pikes being caught which still carry their eggs. This is completely normal for this time of the year and most probably it will be a few more weeks until the last fish is done.

Next weekend we'll be visited by approx 30 new guests. But until Thursday, we only have one group at Camp Dragsö.

I will now have a few days off work. Let's see if there will be any time spent on the water... A bad guess is, of course it will be!

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, April 1, 2019

No April jokes!

April is here and it feels like spring is just flying away now. Did we even have a month called March this year? Well, obviously we had! Last week we had about 25 anglers on Camp Dragsö Sportfishing and I must say that numbers was variating a lot between the boats. Still, a lot of big fish has been caught!

About a week ago, I was out on a guided trip with RAM MOUNTS and had a great day on the water, with Jörgen Lind as a guide in another boat. In my boat, we caught a fantastic number of 67 pikes with the biggest fish measuring 106cm and over +8kgs. The other boat had very good numbers as well and I think we ended up with more than 120 pikes in the two boats. This combined with a nice bbq for lunch really set the flag on top this day.

A few days later I had a half day trip with Randall from USA who brought his two sons Riley and Randy. We had very difficult conditions with no wind and almost clear blue sky. The trip was slow in the first hours but before lunch we started to feel a gentle breeze and pikes got active immediately. Within the last hour or so we managed to catch 11 pikes and the slow morning was forgotten.

Later in the week we were visited by approx 20 more anglers who skipped the Swedish Sportfishing fair which was arranged in Jönköping last weekend. Most of the groups had tough fishing the first day, which was Thursday, while the rest of the weekend offered mixed results. Several boats had about 20 pikes per day and very good average size with many between 80-95cm. A couple of pikes over +100cm was reported as well!

A nice bonus catch was also reported during one of the days. A stunning sea trout of 4,5 kilos decided to eat a jerkbait for lunch! Sea trouts are not easy to catch but if there is any time of the year that we hear about those bonus catches, it's for sure now during end March/April.

One of the guest groups told me that they found an area where pikes seemed to spawn, while the other groups didn't see any signs of it yet. It's normal for this time of the year and most probably some more pikes will start this week. We had a very cold night last night with negative degrees but upcoming days will be 6-9 degrees in day time according to the forecast.

Today we also welcome Ivan from the Sportfishing academy to Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. He will do his trainee period for a week now before he starts working on the camp in the beginning of May. Very welcome!

Oh, I forgot. It's been some time since my last post.. I forgot that since then, I have also catch myself a real beauty out there on a day off work. A stunning lady of 113cm and 11,7 kilos, caught in about 0,5m of depth. Guess if I'm happy :-)

//Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Mid March update

Mid March is here and this is a nice time of the year for pike anglers. Fortunately, in Karlskrona we are lucky to have a very short period of ice each year. Some years we don't even get any ice at all. This year we only had ice for about a month from mid January to mid February.

Last weekend we had a couple of fishing groups staying at Dragsö. One of them a returning Swedish group coming for a couple of guided fishing days with me. The other guys was another returning Swedish group with who went out with a rental boat. Conditions was tough with winds up to 23m/s on Friday and 21m/s on Saturday. This combined with low temperatures and lots of rain didn't give us the best conditions to fish. However, in my boat we got up to good numbers anyway and also some nice fish to!

Friday was spent west of Dragsö while Saturday was spent in the east part of the archipelago. During Friday we caught 33 pikes and Saturday 42 pikes. Many more was lost (as always!) and the top pikes in the boat during Saturday measured 96,92,91,90 and many more over +80cm. This even though we had company with a seal a couple of times in the area where we fished. However, it was clear that when the seal was close by, the pikes got completely inactive. 15 minutes later they were back to normal activity again. 

More or less every day now we receive new reservations of fishing packages and popular weekends in May are filling up fast now. The same when it comes to available guide dates. Most Fridays and Saturdays in April/May is now already booked so if you think of visiting us this spring, it's for sure about time to make up your mind as soon as possible!

All boats are now in the water and ready for fishing. Upcoming weekend we will lay low and only have cabin reservations but from next week we will be open 7 days a week. Really looking forward to this spring!

// Daniel Wickman

Friday, March 1, 2019

Season starts early

Hi fellow readers,

March is here and finally it's getting time to start spring fishing season. Our first guests is here already and from now on, anglers will be visiting us frequently. Ice got away several weeks ago and personally I've already been out on the water three times since then. First day on the water a couple of weeks ago went well! 50 pikes caught on two anglers and a nice fish of 103cm as the biggest one.

Weather is strange. Actually, earlier this week we had several days with about 12-15 degrees and sun. In the neighbour city of Karlshamn, an all time temperature record was set last Tuesday when the scale showed 16,7 degrees, 26th of February! Insane for sure.. We've had several Swedish midsummers last few years with lower temperatures than what we've experienced this week in February.

With the nice weather going on, me and Willy has been working fast and hard with getting our boats ready for season. Currently we have 17 of 19 boats in the water. Almost done!

The first few weeks of season will be quite calm. For those of you who have the opportunity, this is a great time to visit and forecast looks good for the upcoming week(s). Pikes are just waiting...

Another weekend is here and personally I will spend at least one of the days on the water again. Hope to be back with a catch report soon.

// Daniel Wickman