Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lunch break meter pike!!

Today a lot of anglers left us after a weekend of fishing. Most groups reported about good amounts but the really big ones were missing. A few pikes just below 100cm was reported but plenty of 75-80's as usual. Some boats caught as many as 60 pikes a day, so the numbers is not to complain about.

When reception closed today at 12:00 I decided to skip my lunch and go out for a couple of hours on the water instead before starting work again at Dragsö. In my opinion the conditions today was perfect. 6-7m/s winds from south-east and very cloudy. A few rain showers sometimes but not so much anyway.

My decision to go out showed up to be good. About 8-9 wild pikes in less than 2 hours and during a drift over a shallow area in a bay, a big pike striked my tailbait. Since I was drifting fast I throwed in the anchor while the fish was going crazy. Fortunately, I had been preparing a big fish net in case of a big fish would bite.

This pike was really powerful and she swimmed several times under the boat while I tried to get a good position to land the fish in my net. Soon enough she was secured and my third meter pike during the week was a fact! Measuring tape was placed on the pike and to my pleasure she measured a little over 107cm.

After some photos she could swim back and it took just a few seconds until she was strong enough to swim away. Very nice feeling!

A very strange thing with this pike though; After releasing the fish, I discovered that a lot of eggs had been dropped in the boat by this pike. I have never experienced this before, since pikes spawn in spring and eggs should not be produced at this time of the year. Obviously, this pike must have been thinking of next year already :) Has someone ever been experiencing the same thing? Eggs in September?

// Daniel Wickman


Grymt Daniel! Den var ju den vi leta efter hela helgen ;) //Mikael Vallared

Precis! Jag tyckte väl att ni måste ha missat denna dam! :) /Daniel

Bra jobbat! Ska definitivt inskaffa ett stort tail bete till nästa gång ;)