Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer to its end?

Well hello out there my fellow readers. As I wrote a couple of days ago, I had a few days off work this week and spent some hours both days on the water.

Personally, I've experienced the fishing to be a bit hard lately. Last two weeks hasn't been the best this year but maybe this is about to change from now. 3 days ago I went out for a little more than 3 hours. Conditions were okey with hard winds and south winds. Only one pike was kind enough to find interest in my lures so with decreased self esteem I went home to load my gear for upcoming day.

With the poor results in my mind, it took a little time before I actually went out. 5pm I made my first casts and I didn't have a single strike or any intention of pikes in the first hour and a half. After that the rush hour began. Moved to a shallow area with plenty of nice weed rushes and something happened, because pikes were crazy now! 14 pikes between 75-88cm came up in just 1,5 hours! All of them took a Mctail modified with bigtail. It should also be mentioned that water was gin clear so most strikes were visible from far distances as well! This kind of fishing is for sure addictive...

Plenty of vacancies upcoming weeks so for those of you who are thinking about visiting us it's possible most weeks still.

Temperatures continue to drop and in night time we only reach 14-16 degrees now. It starts to smell pike time, that's for sure!!

// Daniel Wickman



Kör du slow sink eller sink modellen på McTail?

Hi mate

we are coming next week, so we will see pike time:)
Just few days left so preparations are nearly finished. What lures you suggest to bring?


Hej Emil,

Jag kör på slow sink modellen med utbytt tail till Bigtail!

Olgierd! Will be nice to have you guys back here @ Dragsö. I've been fishing a lot with tail baits lately with good results. But as always, It's good to bring variating options. I remeber last time you were here when the orange spinner baits did the trick so the pikes are of course flexible. See you soon mate!