Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Between the pursuits

With another weekend coming up we're in the middle of preparations to make sure everything works as it should. This weekend all 11 Masterboats will be out on the water and to avoid issues I always check so boats seem to be working good before new guests arrive. There is also some work to do before over 300 participants will be visiting Dragsö 5-6th Oct when this years edition of Blekinge Pike Festival is runned.

I've been of work for 2 days now and these days are more or less always spent on the water. Yesterday I went out together with Jens who is the guy of Jenzza Lures. Since I've been quite successful lately we went out with high expectations to catch something nice. Strong winds from north gave us some minor problems with finding good spots to fish. After a few stops I striked a better pike. At first, we didn't realize that the fish was going to measure three digits. When secured in the net I started to see that maybe, maybe it could be enough to be a meter pike.

With a measuring tape we set the count to 102cm. A bit surprised I let the fish swim back and this lady was very eager to get away, giving Jens a nice little slap on his cheek when I hold her in the boat. This pike was caught in about 0,5m of water in a big and shallow bay.

Since fishing was a bit tough we decided to skip the bays and searched our way out in the outer part of the archipelago. This was about to be a good decision since we had plenty of activity out here. While I was landing a small pike of maybe 60cm, a HUGE pike was following on the bottom all the way into the boat. This pike easily measured over 1m+ but she wasn't intrested in biting our lures today. A few more pikes was landed and back at Dragsö we summed up 8 pikes.

With other duties to sort out today, I just went out for a short 3 hour trip this morning. Went to a bay where the wind was lightly pushing in, and great amounts of pikes was sun bathing on the bottom of the bay. I caught about 10 pikes and the biggest ones measured 95+92cm.

When switching to a jerkbait, I made a long cast and had a small touch which I answered with a big strike to set the hooks. Immediately I felt heavy reaction on the other side of the line. At first I really thought that this was finally a 10+kg pike. Soon enough I realised that this wasn't the case. I saw a black shadow coming closer to the boat but the form of this fish wasn't even close to be a pike. I had set my hooks into a big bream by the side of its mouth!

Well, at least it was a personal best sized bream but such a disappointment when I thought it was going to be a big pike on the other end...

Busy weekend, hopefully many big pikes will be kind enough to provide our guests with happy spirits out there.

// Daniel Wickman