Sunday, September 8, 2013

Autumn season is on, or is it?

Hi to you all,

Another weekend is soon coming to its end here at Camp Dragsö and I have to say that it's hard to understand the fact that we're actually in September by now. We've been having about 22-23 degrees in daytime with mostly sunny conditions. Still most guests are walking with shorts outside and people put themselves to bath in the bay of Dragsö, since temperature is about 17 degrees inside the bay.

This nice weather conditions is in my mind of course not good. I want to have moderate winds, cloudy and the water temperature down 3-5 degrees. But I guess you can't get everything, and most people I argue with thinks I'm crazy since most non-fishing people loves this weather.

During this weekend we've had fishing guests from Belgium, Poland, Denmark and Sweden. Only one group will be fishing for a whole week whilst the other groups have been staying for a fishing weekend Thursday-Sunday. Biggest fish from our guests yesterday was 91cm but I've heard reports about several fish over 100cm during the week.

For me next week will be up to a lot of preparations. A few more boats needs to be hull cleaned and lots of small "to do's". Of course some fishing will be off as usal. Hopefully with some results worth posting on the blog. I think I will try more into the bays one of the days acutally since both reports and own experiences last week has told me to do so.

Another fact worth to mention; Blekinge Pike Festival is now fully booked with a month before the competition starts. Around 300 anglers will start from Dragsö. Busy, but funny times!

Next week we are waiting almost 30 anglers with arrival on Thursday and Sunday. It's pike time!!

I remember this fish from last season. Caught same week one year ago. Beauty!

// Daniel Wickman