Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Super numbers

Hi guys!

A new week is here and we've got several fishing groups staying here for a week of fishing. 9 guys from France in Krolik company are here again and as always they catch good numbers. In 3 days of fishing they're already up to incredible 497 pikes! If fishing continues to be this good they will most probably break their own record for amounts and maybe even reach over 1000 pikes. Hard to imagine such numbers, but when fishing in the Pike kingdom of Karlskrona, such amounts are possible when fishing is at its best!

Several meter pikes has also been reported last couple of days both by our guests, local anglers and by me myself. Krolik group have already caught 2 pikes over the meter margin and maybe more to come during upcoming days.

Thursday will be yet another busy day for us since 8 new fishing groups will arrive for a weekend of fishing. Hopefully fishing will continue on to be at its best so their visits will be memorable.

Water temp is now around 12 degrees in average and we still catch big pikes inside bays but we have also started to receive reports about big sized pikes caught around middle archipelago and even further out. They have started to spread out widely which makes fishing even more fun!

Here comes some mixed pictures from guided trip last Saturday and also from Krolik group. Enjoy!

// Daniel Wickman


Some info on the lures/tehnique used by the french :) ?

Hi there! French guests are mainly using small soft lures such as Berkley ripple shad, Mc Rubber Jr and Pig Shad.

GREAT reports, Daniel! Keep them coming! Amazing numbers, wish I was there...

Dimitri from Belgium