Friday, May 15, 2015

Meter pikes coming up!

Hi guys!

Another weekend is here and almost all boats are already handed out to anglers. 7 groups will be here for a week long stay while 11 more groups are here for a weekend from Thursday - Sunday. This time we are having guests from Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, France and Germany.

I had two guided tours earlier this week with returning guests from Netherlands and France. We didn't catch big fish but numbers were okey with 17 pikes on top and a 92cm pike as longest fish. Three days ago I went fishing together with Jakob and we managed to find big fish but only a few of them willing to bite. Soon enough I had a massive strike and Jakob secured my 107cm pike in the net. This fish was caught on a Svartzonker McRubber in motoroil colour, nice!! We saw many more pikes between 90-105cm but only a few was close to fall for our attemps to catch them.

Dave and his friends from Netherlands left us today after 5-6 days of fishing. Their target was to catch a meter pike during their stay and finally yesterday they succeeded. 101cm beauty caught in a big bay close to Dragsö in about 1,5-2m of water.

As I said a lot of anglers are out fishing now so hopefully some big fish will be reported during upcoming days. Fishing has been variating a lot with one day being good in sizes, and the next day being very very hard to find any active fish at all. Today both me and second guide David will be out on the water to hunt for our beloved cucumber with guests from Sweden. Fishy days! :)

// Daniel Wickman