Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shallow monsters

Hi guys!

It's Wednesday evening and tomorrow we're awaiting about 30 anglers to come here for a weekend of fishing. Once again it's going to be a busy weekend and in total there will be about 70 anglers here on Saturday from Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Finland and France.

I was off work for two days earlier this week and spent both of them on the water. First day I went out with my good friend Jakob and fishing started out really slow. Rain was pouring down, wind was absent and water also quite clear. It took us almost 2 hours to catch the first fish and the size was nothing to talk further about...

Around noon we found a spot that looked interesting and soon enough we really enjoyed fishing since we managed to catch 102, 97 and 96,5cm pikes in less than 30 minutes. We also had several nice fish following our lures including a massive pike of over 10kgs but she didn't decide to bite this time. After that race fishing went down a bit and I ended my day about 14:00.

Yesterday I went out together with Jesper from Carlskrona Sportfishing in his nice Alumacraft boat. As my previous fishing day with Jakob, fishing started out very slow but we kept on fighting. We tried the same spot as where I've seen the big pike with Jakob previously and also this time a massive pike followed Jespers lure into the boat but without biting. Water depth wasn't more than a meter so it's still in shallow areas we find the big fish right now.

We continued on and went to a place that also is known to hold big fish. Just a few minutes in our drift another massive pike followed my lure with interest all the way to the boat! I was in the strange state that you only can feel when you "miss" a big fish close to the boat. A terrible but at the same time fascinating feeling. This fish was for sure +10kg but once again the big lady was to smart to be fooled.

Next time she WILL bite........ I hope :)

// Daniel Wickman