Thursday, May 28, 2015

Main spring season finale

Hi there,

Back from a short vacation and ready to welcome all fishing groups that will arrive today for a weekend of fishing. This is actually the last big fishing weekend of this spring with approx 40 anglers at most on our camp at the same time. We'll be hosting guests from Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Denmark.

This doesn't mean that we're closing down fishing business for this spring after this weekend but activity will for sure go down. Only a few groups to arrive weekends after this one.

What about the latest catch reports then? Well since I've been of work and out of Sweden last days I've no recent reports to share. Went out alone last Monday and had 14 pikes in total with biggest fish just under the meter margin plus 2 big bonus breams that accidently came in the way of my Big Mcrubber... It seems like it's still possible to catch big fish close to shore and in the big bays. I lost a massive pike in the middle of a bay in 1,5m of water just to mention one of these big fish waiting in there.

Of course the pikes are also possible to catch around the middle archipelago (islands) now as well but it seems like you catch many many small samples between every big fish. So for big fish it's in my opinion better to try in the middle or outer parts of big bays or go for a bit deeper waters and edges right now. Hopefully our guests will find the right spots during this weekend. Weather conditions looks good with rather strong winds from SW. Day temperatures around 13-15 degrees and partly cloudy.

For sure more reports will come later on this weekend and I wish you all a fishy weekend!

// Daniel Wickman