Saturday, May 9, 2015

May pikes are hungry!

Hi fellow readers!

Another weekend is here and today we said bye to a bunch of guests including many time returning Dutchies in Pascals and Peters groups but also my good friend Jacob who was here for 7 days of fishing with his friends. Some nice pikes was reported but mainly cucumbers in loads biting for the Dutchies this time. Jacob on the other hand managed to catch a handful of +90cm pikes and also one over the meter margin. His friend Marco caught himself a new personal best when a fat fish of 99cm striked his lure and gave him a long and nice fight in the archipelago.

We also have a lot of anglers here on weekend packages who will stay until tomorrow. One boat were extra successful since Kristian managed to catch one of the biggest pikes landed by our guests this spring. 113,5cm and a little over 11kgs! Great fish and great fun for sure!

A few more meter pikes has been reported by our guests but also by local anglers. Most anglers including myself is of the opinion at the moment that all pikes are done spawning but they still seem to stay in shallow waters in the bays. Most big fish caught lately is reported from waters of 0,3-1,5m of depth. We can also tell that a lot of fish is seen, even big ones, but just a few of them are interested enough to strike.

Upcoming two days will be spent on the water on guided tours by yours truly. Tomorrow with returning guests from Netherlands and on Monday with 2 returning guests from France. Hopefully we can trick some of those big ladys out there!

To be continued and as the Dutchies says, Zo de knaaken!!

// Daniel Wickman