Sunday, May 24, 2015

A thousand pikes and more!


So it's high time to give you guys a new update from last few days of fishing here in Karlskrona. It's been a busy weekend for sure but everything has been working great. Results variated from excellent to poor between the boats.

Returning guests from France in Krolik company had a blast and came up with very good numbers spiced with a few big fish as well. 9 guys managed to catch a total of 1131 pikes in 6 days of fishing! Very impressive numbers for sure as always and a new record for their group since same guys caught 831 pikes last year. They also landed 3 pikes over 100cm with their top fish measuring 102,5cm. Many more over 90cm. Incredible numbers and thank you guys for this years visit!

We also had several groups here for a fishing weekend from Thursday - Sunday. Boats landed everything from just 5-6 fish in one boat/day up to 40 pikes in one boat per day. A few big fish was reported as well from these groups with top pikes measuring 111cm and 108cm. My friend Jesper also reported 2 monsters from yesterday as he caught not one but two pikes of 110cm. One of the pikes weighed 10,5 kilos and the other fish was over 8 kilos. Amazing result! Well done my friend!!

Now I will be of work for a couple of days so tomorrow there will be some time spent on water! Next update later on next week :)

// Daniel Wickman