Saturday, September 27, 2014

One week to BGF

Hello guys!

We're actually in the end of September already and just one week left until the big pike competition called Blekinge Gäddfestival (Blekinge Pike Festival). This weekend we are very busy with 12 boats out plus a few private boats. This is nothing compared with next weekend though since more than 100 boats will start from Camp Dragsö on early Saturday morning. In total, there will be about 560 participants in the competition for 2 days. Who will win?!

Anyway, fishing is continuously good at the moment with meter pikes caught more or less every day by our guests. Wind turned around completely a couple of days ago, from north to south winds and by this the water level decreased a lot. On Thursday when a lot of guests arrived sea level was -5cm but in just a little more than a day, water went down almost -45cm to negative -50cm. This caused a lot of troubles for our guests since 4 propellers broke down. Fortunately, water seems to be coming back now though.

Enough about that. When it comes to fishing results are good both when it comes to amounts and sizes. Swedish returning guests in Linus company caught a beauty of 102cm yesterday evening which you can see on the picture below.

Also, this morning we said good bye to Kislina and his friends. After a week of fishing they managed to catch some decent pikes and numbers. There are really just a few guests who knows our area as well as Kislina. This since they visit us one week in spring and one week in autumn and have done so for many years now. Top fish this time measured 105cm for them.

More guests left us early this morning and maybe Tamas and his friends did best when it comes to results. I don't have the exact numbers but I think about 4-5 meter pikes since Saturday.

Conditions looks great in front of Blekinge Pike Festival for sure. Some work and reports to follow during the week to prepare for all guests coming to us.

// Daniel Wickman