Saturday, September 13, 2014

New record amounts!!

Well once again I believe we have a new amount record on our camp! It's hard to keep track on all numbers of all years, but previous record from last year 845 pikes on 9 anglers, 6,5 fishing days is for sure erased by now. With an average of 281 pikes per boat/week for the guys from France in Krolik company, we can now announce the new record holders from Belgium to Luc and his friends.

This year they made their 5th visit and after barely 6,5 days of fishing, they ended up with remarkable numbers of more than 430 pikes!! And yes this is 1 boat, 3 anglers. No other group according to what I know about have ever reached those numbers over time. Several times a year I hear about over 100 pikes caught in one day/boat, but to catch these 460 pikes over 6,5 days you need very good numbers daily. Their top fish measured 101cm and most pikes was caught on small jerkbaits with orange bellys. Exact numbers will be posted later next week, hopefully together with some pictures!

Another visitor Patrick from Belgium also left us early this morning after a week of fishing. Even though he mainly stayed close to Dragsö, he managed to catch several nice pikes close to the meter margin and seemed to have a really good week here. Thank you once again Patrick and hope to see you back next year.

Furthermore, we had returning guests from Poland here during the week as well. Kozak and his friends knows our area very well after multiple visits here and he declared that their numbers was very good, actually their best numbers of all time! This just confirms how good fishing is here at the moment.

A guided trip with Danish guests yesterday resulted in 36 pikes on a 4 hour trip. No really big ones but good numbers and great fun out there! Pikes were going nuts on Wolf Tail Jr, Relax 6'' rippers, McTails and several more lures.

We are also having 6 more groups here at the moment who all leaves tomorrow. Will be very interesting to hear their reports. Hopefully they also succeeded out there!

// Daniel Wickman