Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Super numbers!

Time for another update regarding fishing and results. This week we're holding 3 groups from Belgium and Poland. These 3 groups has been here at Dragsö several times before and know our areas well by now. They seem to have good fishing and one of the boats are actually up to almost 300 pikes already in just about 4 fishing days! Record numbers once again and their top fish measured 101cm so far. Still several days of fishing left for these groups so it will be very exciting to hear about their total numbers.

Before the weekend we expect 6 more fishing groups to come. For sure a good period for pike fishing right now! Water temp still about 16 degrees in average and air temp between 16-20 degrees most days with variating wind strength.

I went out fishing myself Monday and Thuesday this week. When it comes to amounts there is really nothing to complain about. Around 20 pikes on my own each day in 5-6 hours but it starts to be very frustrating not finding the big ones (1m+). Areas that normally delivers big fish seems to only produce cucumbers at the moment for me. The hunt for a 10kgs+ in Karlskrona area goes on and I refuse to give up the dream to one day, hopefully very soon, hold my hands around one of these mythical monsters. Up to this date I've caught 25 pikes over 100cm+ in Karlskrona and many between 95-100cm but not a single one has been of a weight greater than the magic two digit 10kg+ according to what I know. Frustrating yes, but I keep faith in success and hopefully that day will be here shortly.

Anyhow, this week we also started to install lantern lights on our Master boats. About time for sure and much more safe when driving in low visibility and the minutes before sunset. These lanterns are very small and mounted with no affect on fishing possibilities.

What else? I'm not sure if I've mentioned it earlier on the blog, but we are now also offering Master410 boats equipped with 25hp Yamaha Four stroke engines. Went out trying one of these a few days ago and it easily made it up to 22-24 knots with two persons in the boat. Great news huh!?

// Daniel Wickman