Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Late month race

Hello guys!

I've been of work for a couple of days but now I'm back on duties again. At the moment we are having 5 boats out on the water and 6 more to be out from tomorrow, which means that all Master500 boats will be out on the water this weekend.

A little fishing report is of course to be shared since I had a good old friend visiting Karlskrona over my days of work. He's for sure not the most experienced angler but still he likes to learn. When I told him the day before our first fishing day that we most probably will reach more than 30 pikes in one day, he found it very doubtful.

Continuously, we went out for a 8 hour trip. With strong north winds and a lot of clouds in the sky we tried bays but also further out in the archipelago. Pikes were caught almost at all stops but it was very clear that they seemed to be most active at very windy sides. Most successful lures this day was Wolf Tail Jr, Mouse spinning fly and Relax 6''. Back at Dragsö we summed up a total of 36 pikes. 14 for my friend and 22 for me. 4 of these fish were of good size and also gave David a new personal best of 4.6kgs. Except for the other 3 better sized samples I also lost another meter pike close to the boat.

Second day we spent about 6 hours in very sunny weather with low north winds. Crystal clear waters and cool strikes in super shallow waters (0.2-1.5m). Almost every pike was caught on Mouse spinning fly, so perfect to fish those in shallow waters. Ended up with a total of 26 pikes and yet another beauty! A bit colder this morning, only 12 degrees in air and water temperature now between 14-16 degrees.

I also heard about a 104cm pike caught by our returning Latvian guests on their first day of this visit. They always catch good numbers and sizes so it will be very interesting to see their score later on!

// Daniel Wickman