Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A little this and a little that

Another week is here and another busy weekend coming up at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. This weekend we will host guests from Sweden, Poland, Latvia and Hungary!

I've been of work for a couple of days and both these were spent on the water for most time. A little disappointed with the results since no big fish showed up. Numbers are still good though even if the weather god seems to laugh at us every day with bad fishing conditions. North winds has been present for a week now in variating strength. Now we start to see a minor change though since wind seems to be coming in from east.

Anyway, both days was spent with a good friend of mine and as always we had our friendly battle out there. Who's gonna catch the biggest fish? The most? Well, once again I ended up beating him both days... Therefore, I'm friendly enough to just post the total numbers of ours which the first day was 39 pikes and the second day slightly less. Best results on Pig Shad rigged with shallow screw or 10gr heads, Wolf Tail Jr, Svartzonker Big McRubber and small Relax 6'' rippers.

Today I got an e-mail from new record amount holders in Luc's company. He gladly announced a total of 483 pikes in one week, one boat and 3 anglers! So together with this post you can see some pictures of their pikes caught last week. Nicely done, Luc!

Today we also received the third and last Master 410 boat with 25hp Yamaha four stroke engine. All 3 boats are now available for rental and by this, I'm now very convinced that we are the biggest fishing camp in Sweden with 19 rental boats! Not a big deal, just a fun fact!

I also have to say that I'm very glad to receive your supporting e-mails and other messages regarding this blog. All feedback is very appreciated so thank you guys!

// Daniel Wickman