Thursday, October 2, 2014

Coming up: BGF

Hi out there you fishing enthusiasts,

Thursday and within first days of October. At least I and many local anglers knows what this means. It's finally time for Blekinge Pike Festival!

Today about 20 anglers arrived and many more to come tomorrow. More than 300 anglers will start from camp Dragsö this year on saturday morning and we have very different weather conditions this time. Last year water level was negative 50 cm which made fishing really hard. It didn't really help out when having strong winds either.

This weekend it looks much better. South/South-east winds from 5-7 m/s in average and a bit cloudy (if they are right this time). If the calculations are right we will also have +/- 0 cm above average water level which for sure is nice both for fishing and boat driving.

It's for sure going to be an interesting weekend and of course we will participate as usual. I will be fishing together with former Dragsö Sportfishing guide Patrick, my boss Andreas and our friend Patrik. Second Dragsö guide David will be fishing in company with Jens from Jenzza Lures. So for those who want we will be posting some pictures and updates during the weekend as usual.

Competition price rules are a bit changed to this years episode. There are actually 3 ways to win in this years festival. As usual the longest fish overall will be the main winner of Blekinge Pike Festival. There is also a price for the longest fish caught on day one + day two. So the angler that will catch the longest total length from his/hers longest fish on saturday + saturday will also be a winner.

The third price and new for this year is the daily starting point prices. There are 5 starting points so each of the two days, the angler on each starting point who will catch the longest pike will be a winner.

More reports to follow during the weekend and for you guys who compete this year, please respect the rules of the competition and most important, respect each other out there.

// Daniel Wickman