Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spawning laziness? Yes and No!

Hi guys!

Another weekend is coming to its end and it's time to share a new report with you fellow readers. This weekend we have been visited by approx 15 anglers, all from Sweden. To be honest most guests have experienced very slow fishing. Weather conditions have not been easy but maybe most affecting is the spawning process. The water temperature is at the moment ranging from 6,5 to 10,0 degrees in some areas.

During Friday I had a four hour trip with some Swedish lads. There was almost no wind and rumours about spawning got me a little worried. At the first site we caught our first fish quite quickly. As previous days most fish was found in very shallow waters of approx 0,5-1,0m of depth. A fat five kg fish was caught in the same area before we moved a bit within the same bay. In maybe 90 minutes we caught eigth pikes of mostly small size.

With two hours left of the trip I decided to try some bays closer to the city of Karlskrona. All of the following sites that we tried resulted in nothing at all. The pikes wasn't to be found and no more action before we headed back to Dragsö. Several other boats reported about very slow fishing with results from 0-10 landed pikes in a full day. None of good size.

Saturday was for sure not any better. No wind until lunch time and pikes were not willing to bite this day either. A few boats reported about clear signs of pikes spawning inside the reeds. For sure a very tricky time to find and catch the pikes. Especially with the poor weather conditions in mind. Several of our guests for certain reported about big fish following their lures to the boat but without biting.

Luckily, today I was reached with a very nice report from some of our guests. Yesterday one of the lads managed to catch an absolute beauty of 110cm and 11,1 kilos! Very fat fish in the best possible condition. A pre spawn beauty which actually is the biggest fish caught by our guests so far this season. Be out there and get rewarded, big time!  

// Daniel Wickman