Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lazy days

I was hoping to write this post with some positive news to share regarding the catch reports at the moment. Unfortunately, I can't say that fishing is great right now. It's actually very difficult.

Last Thursday about 40 anglers arrived to Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. All loaded to their limits with lures, plenty of beer (I guess!) but also with expectations of good fishing. Mostly Swedish guests for the first days of this weekend but also one group from Romania.

During Thursday about 10 of our boats was out trying their luck while a handful more groups arrived to the camp later and waited to do their first casts until Friday. According to the few reports that I received, fishing was slow for our guests. Some boats didn't catch anything the first hours of their trip, while others caught a handful of pikes. No big ones though.

On Friday morning I had a four hour guided trip with a group of Swedish guests. Quite strong winds in the morning, approx 6-7m/s from west. We went far west and tried one of my favorite bays. The wind was a bit to strong to allow us to fish from a drifting boat, so we had to use the anchor. Not much activity even though we tried to make casts in most parts of the bay. Only a few small bite attempts but nothing serious. We continued and and tried several different areas but still without success. Wind was picking up even more and it became difficult to find areas possible to fish at.

Only one pike was caught in a super slow morning. At lunch time wind squalls reached 20m/s and several boats decided to stay in the harbour during the afternoon. Maybe a good choise, because the other boats that tried didn't succeed very well anyway.

Saturday offered a bit better conditions since wind dropped a bit but still about 8m/s in average and 14m/s in squalls. For sure rough to be out there. Some boats did better this day though since I got reports from guest boats with 17, 15, 13 and 12 pikes in their boats during Saturday.

Today was departure day for many of our guests. Not many decided to try their luck for the last half day so actually most boats was returned early. Anyhow, I went out on a guided trip in the afternoon with some returning guests from Romania. Unfortunately, we didn't find active pikes so only five pikes was caught in our boat during the four hours we were out. For sure the lads learned some tricks and good spots to return to later since they stay until Saturday.

Now I will have a couple of days off work and we'll see if any pikes will be bothered by me during upcoming days. I would say, most likely!

// Daniel Wickman