Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Big pike again!


Time for a new update. Last couple of days has been spent on the water (of course!) and it's been some difficult days. Two days ago I went out with my colleague Willy for a full day on the water. Low winds, sun and approx 8-10 degrees this day and a water level on +15cm in the morning but descending to -20cm in the afternoon. Maybe not the easiest conditions but we gave it a try!

During the first hour we drifted in a shallow bay where we know big fish is around at this time. Barely no action at all, except from one small pike that Willy caught. Well, not the start that we wanted so we tried other areas. A little bit of our plan was to try areas where we thought no other anglers would have tried so far this early spring. Or at least where few anglers would have tried.

Honestly, fishing continued to be very slow. After lunch we found a bay where a lot of fish showed up and had a little interest in our lures. Several fish over +90cm was seen and we caught a few around 80cm. Wind was now a bit stronger and maybe this started to activate the pikes a little. One fish of approx 105cm was actually following our lures multiple times but without biting. A bit frustrating but to use Trumman's expression, we kept on "hammering" for those pikes!

Many casts in many different areas this day resulted in not more than 8 pikes in total. Not what we were looking for but fishing is fishing. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. This was one of those days when we didn't win. What we didn't know was that both of us was going to have a revenge the next day, in different ways.

I went out together with skilled lure builder Björn Nettelbladt from Nettelbaits. During the first hours we didn't catch a single pike. We had a hard time finding any pikes at all so I decided to go to an area where I knew that many pikes has been caught lately. This day was no exception. In very shallow waters of 0,5-1,0m of depth we caught good amounts. No big ones, but still great fun. We stayed in the same area for most of the day and ended up with a total of 33 pikes.

Willy chilled out at home but heard of good reports from other anglers so he went out with his dad for some afternoon fishing. It took three hours until the first pike was caught and only 4 pikes in total for them both but I think Willy is quite pleased anyway today. One of these pikes measured impressive 109cm and weighed 10,1 kilos! Finally over the magic ten kilo mark again and what a revenge from our "disaster day" on Monday. Congratz, Willy!

Tomorrow we have about 15 anglers coming to us for a weekend of pike fishing. A couple of guided trips is on my schedule as well so it's for sure going to be a fishy weekend! Maybe this is the last weekend before spawning since water temp is now ranging from 6,5-8,0 degrees. One thing is for sure, spawning is not far away now.

On the pictures below you see Willy with his +10kg pike and also a guest picture from Jan who caught this beauty last Friday. Great pikes in the pike kingdom!

// Daniel Wickman