Sunday, April 16, 2017

A crazy easter

Well, crazy is maybe the best explanation of the conditions this weekend. About 40 anglers left us today after a weekend of fishing and easter celebration. Most of them experienced tough fishing in very variating weather conditions. Thursday was quite warm with cloudy skies and decent winds. Friday offered good winds from west, about 7-8m/s and up to 14m/s in squalls. Water level was about +15cm and maybe 8 degrees in the air. Simply a nice spring day. But yesterday hell break loose!

Negative degrees, snow, wind, cloudy. All madness at once. In the middle of April! For sure not what we wanted and especially not what the pikes wanted. Only a few boats went out to try yesterday and did so with poor results.

The best boat managed to catch about 30 pikes in one day but most guests reported about low numbers and no sizes to talk about. A bit disappointing for sure but hopefully this was the last slow days of this spring before the post spawn fishing starts for real.

According to the forecast, the temperature in night time will be below zero for two more nights but day temperature will be 5-10 degrees during the whole week. We'll see what the pikes think about it :)

Next weekend we'll have 14 boats going out from Dragsö. This means about 40 anglers once again. Hopefully they will be provided with better conditions and pikes willing to bite!

I will have a couple days off work now and most probably some hours will be spent on the water both days. To be back with more reports next week.

Pictures below from last weekend and also from earlier this week.

// Daniel Wickman