Sunday, April 9, 2017

More big fish!


Finally time to give a new update from this week of fishing. We're in the second weekend of April and as usual at this time of the year, pikes are now spawning. As always not all pikes are spawning at the same time. It's a process which normally takes at least a month, most of times even longer, from the first fish to the last fish are done with their sexy time.

With this knowledge in mind it's sometimes a bit tricky to find the right spots in the archipelago. If you find the right spots you will be rewared. Either where the pikes are done spawning, or the spots where the pikes hasn't started yet. This weekend it seems like most of our guests found the wrong spots but some were lucky to be at the right place at the right time!

Earlier this week I was reached with a fantastic report from Patrik, one of our guests that left us Sunday last week. He managed to catch a great pike of 110cm and approx 12 kilos. Once again a new season record when it comes to the biggest pike caught by our guests.

Anyway, this weekend we had about 15 anglers here plus a few more on a guided trip with me yesterday. Most of them left us today with poor results. Some anglers struggled to find any pikes at all while the best boats reached between 15-25 pikes per day. The biggest pike this weekend measured 102cm and weighed impressive 10,8 kilos! A super fat and well conditioned pike caught in the eastern part of the archipelago. I will post a picture of this fish in the next blog post as soon as I have received pictures.

Yesterday I went out on a guided trip with a Swedish group. No wind at all in the morning hours and this combined with sparkling sun and pikes in spawning mode didn't really result in a pike bonanza. Actually it took us several hours to find the first pike at all. Fortunatelly, the group of four managed to catch one pike each in the same bay before lunch. After lunch we found another bay with more activity and soon enough we were up to nine fish in the boat. Many more was just following our lures but without biting. I guess our numbers would have been a lot better with some more wind and clouds. Still a nice day out in the archipelago of Karlskrona!

Tomorrow I'm off work so hopefully I will spend a few hours on the water. One thing is clear. Upcoming week will most probably be the last one to have a chance to catch a pre spawn fatty.

// Daniel Wickman