Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Keep 'em coming!

Easter is approaching and it's going to be a busy weekend. At the moment we are having about 13 anglers on site. All of them arrived last Sunday and will be fishing until tomorrow. When they leave, about 40 more anglers will come. We are excited!

As promised in the last blogpost, I have now received pictures of the stunning 102cm pike caught by Jonas, one of our guests last weekend. The fish weighed 10,8kg. Great fish for sure!

Earlier this week I had a day off work and spent the day together with Philip (Stinger Productions). We knew that fishing was most probably going to be tough. Very strong winds from west and we also had in mind very poor catch reports from previous days, with a few exceptions. We decided to go east this day and tried some for us new spots. It started out a bit slow but soon enough the first fish was caught. Not a big one, but still the important "ice breaker".

We continued to fish in bays but also on edges to islands and edges of channels that leads to spawning bays. Not to many pikes was caught so we decided to move to a new area. An area where we stayed for several hours drifting over 1,2 - 1,4m of depth. Soon enough Philip was hooked up and we thought for ourselves "Yeah a good fish. Maybe +80cm" when we saw it for the first time. We was wrong. Very wrong!

The fish inhaled a new Renz-Stein Steinfish in motoroil colour. It was a lot bigger than 80cm. We measured her to be 105cm and with a weight of 8,7kg. Great fish for sure! We continued in the same area and caught a few more pikes over +80cm. Our day ended with eigth pikes caught, with four each. And I can tell you, our way back was extremely rough with very high waves. I won't even estimate how much water that entered inside the boat because of the waves, but it must have been at least 100 liters!

To be back with more reports later this week. I've heard rumours about more meter pikes caught by our guests last couple of days. Let's see later if this is correct! :)

// Daniel Wickman