Saturday, April 30, 2016

New season best pike!

Hi guys,
Finally some time left for an update on the blog. We are continuously busy and this weekend we have all our boats out on the water, which means 19 boats. Upon these we also have 3 groups with private boats here so in total about 65 anglers. Anglers this weekend are coming from Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands. 

Earlier this week I had a few days off work and of course I tried my luck out in the archipelago. Very windy days made fishing hard but in the end of last Monday I managed to catch a beautiful pike of 103cm. Once again caught on a Beastly tail 23 in motoroil colour. Very soon we will have a limited stock of these fantastic lures in our reception in some magic colours!

The next day I only went out for a few hours and tried a new softbait made by some young talented lads from Karlskrona, Kevin & Albin. Very soon I got in contact with the first pike and at almost the same spot as the day before where I caught the 103cm fish, I caught another nice fish of 93cm. Success for the new lure which now is frequently used by me :)

During the last days I've been out on three guided trips. The first one with returning Dutch guests last Sunday. I don't exactly remember the numbers we reached but a nice 98cm pike was caught by my guests. A great fish for sure, but during their stay they managed to catch some even better sized pikes. In total they caught three pikes over +100cm with a real shallow monster on top. A stunning fish of 117cm which is the biggest fish caught by our guests for a long time. This lady decided to bite on a classic Buster Jerk. Pictures will come in the beginning of next week so hold on!

Overall fishing is slowly starting to get better and better. I would say that most pikes are done spawning by now. According to the catch reports I receive, many pikes are still caught in the bays but a few groups also reports about some fish around the first islands outside bays. A lot of herring is still around the harbour and if you're lucky, you might find some fat herring eaters around there now.

Our guests staying on weekend packages are fishing until 12:00 tomorrow so more reports is to be shared in the next blog post. Hopefully most anglers can enjoy some nice fishing today since weather is nice with moderate winds from E/SE and a bit cloudy.

Until next time, have some fishy days!

// Daniel Wickman