Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April is here!

Hi guys!

Time for a new update in our blog. Actually, I have not been fishing myself since my previous post one week ago. Other things were on my schedule this time when I had my days off work. Spawning is in progress since both temperature, weather and time is right for some sexy time. About 9-10 degrees in the water lately and day temperature of 9-13 degrees in the air.

What many anglers seems to think is that spawning is equal with bad fishing possibilities. I must say that this is not the case. If you find the right spots you can still have very nice fishing, for both pre- and after spawn pikes. Last year spawning started almost the same time and we caught fish full of eggs all the way into May. We also caught fish that were done spawning in the middle of March. It's not a process where all pikes gather up and spawn at the same time, it's a P R O C E S S which takes weeks and maybe even months before all fish are done. I don't say that fishing is as good as before or after spawn, but It's just about finding that right spot, as always.

Tomorrow we will have anglers on site again since 9 groups will be visiting us for a weekend of fishing. This time only guests from Sweden and Denmark. Weather conditions looks promising so hopefully our guests can have some fun fishing out there!

Earlier this week we also got ourselves a big load of lures from Svartzonker. We have many colours and sizes in stock, available in our reception. Who can go out fishing in our area without some new McRubbers? ;)

About 3 weeks ago we were visited by Eric and his friends. They had very good fishing and caught some big mamas to. Down below you can see one of the beautys, caught on Renz-Stein Beastlytail.

A guided trip is on my schedule on Friday so a new report is to be written either in the end of this week or in the beginning of next week.

Take care guys!

// Daniel Wickman