Sunday, April 17, 2016

Snooze mode

Hi guys,

Time for another report since this mid April weekend is coming to its end. All anglers that came last Thursday has now left us after some days of overall tough fishing.

During last Friday I had a guided tour on my schedule together with two Swedish lads. We went out for a half day trip and experienced a slow morning. Not many bites but a lot of fish was following our lures. During four hours we had five or six pikes in the boat but I must say that at least 40 pikes if not more were following our lures all the way to the boat. We caught one big fish during our trip but "unfortunately" this fish choosed my lure, and not my guests... This fish was done spawning and measured 110cm and 9,3 kilos. This monster was caught on a Renz-Stein lures Beastly tail 23 in motoroil colour, approx 0,7m of depth. Still great fun and we had a good time out there!

Only a few boats seemed to find active fish at all, since a few boats barely caught any fish some days. Personally, I thought fishing was going to be better this weekend since we experienced a lot of following pikes during the guided tour only a couple of days ago. Many pikes are done spawning by now while there still is a chance to catch a fat hecht mama in some areas. I think the best boat managed to catch 15 pikes in one day out of our five active rental boats during this weekend...

Weather and wind is really playing us a trick right now. Wind is turning like a clock, as well as the strength of wind. Today we have south-west winds up to 18m/s in squalls, while we had north winds just a couple of days ago. This makes the water level to go up and down as well with big varieties. Only a few hours ago we had -5cm but is expected to drop down to -45cm later today, and then go back to almost normal tomorrow again. Not to good for fishing, for sure. These changes also affect water temperature since we are down to 6,5 degrees in some areas again while warmest bays shows up to eleven degrees.

Some days off work is on my schedule upcoming days and I will give our beloved pikes a try again. Amounts should get better any day from now so hopefully all guests that will come next weekend can enjoy some nice days of fishing in Karlskrona. To be back with a new report in mid week!

// Daniel Wickman