Sunday, April 10, 2016

A weekend with ups and downs

Another weekend is coming to its end and this spring is really flying away. This weekend we were visited by about 30 anglers. Unfortunately, many of them left us with poor results. Most probably due to spawning since we have reached the peak time of pike spawning by now. But there were a few boats who managed to find the right spots!

Numbers were not great as far as I know but at least 5 pikes over 100cm was caught by our guests and most of these were still full of eggs. Several of these were new personal records for our guests so there was for sure a few guys leaving us today with happy faces. Shallow bays with 1.0m of depth seemed to be the right place for Keväänranta and his friends since they managed to catch several nice and fat pikes, with a couple over 100cm.  

I will now have a few days off and some fishing will of course be on my schedule, especially this time since I didn't fish at all this week.

Next weekend we will have 7 fishing groups on site for a weekend of fishing. Let's see if they can manage to catch some big mamas!

On the picture below is Mattias with his new personal best pike. This one measured 102cm. Congratz!

// Daniel Wickman