Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May is here!

Hi guys,

Like previous weeks we're quite busy at the moment with many anglers and regular camping guests coming. As you might have read in my last post, all boats were out last weekend and it's going to be a busy weekend this week also. Campsite is going to be completely full with holidaymakers, anglers and other guests from tomorrow. On Saturday 70 anglers will be here at most, coming from Sweden, Netherlands, Slovakia, Denmark and Romania.

Weather has stabilized a lot since last week and we're now having between 15-22 degrees and sunny weather most days. Fishing has not been great though, since many anglers reported very low numbers last week. A few boats managed to find the right spots and especially the Dutch group who caught several meter pikes. Pictures of their best pikes can be seen below.

I went out myself during the beginning of this week with OK results. No big fish but 15 on two anglers last Monday and nine pikes yesterday on two anglers and half day. We did see many pikes sunbathing, even big pikes, but none or few of them were interested in our lures. Water temperature is now between 10-12 degrees in most areas with a few places where the water is warmer or colder.

The first horn pikes were also spotted yesterday which is to be considered early, normally they arrive one or two weeks later. Why not try them out? Quite fun on light equipment!

Upcoming days I will be out on four guided trips, both half- and whole days. Looking forward to it! If just 50% of the pikes we've seen last days in the bays starts to bite, we will have a lot of fun out there. Maybe a couple of more degrees will make them go crazy.

Next report will most probably come next week, since time most days isn't enough to write in the blog.

Have a nice holiday and to be back with more fishy reports!

// Daniel Wickman