Friday, April 22, 2016

First busy weekend

So time for another update. This weekend is quite busy with all Master500 boats and also a few of the smaller boats booked. In total 14 boats and approx 42 anglers on site who all tries to catch a monster.

The beginning of this week was tough with very strong winds and low water level. We had one group of anglers here for fishing Sunday-Thursday and they struggled during their first days with low numbers and sizes. Last Wednesday was much better though since the Swedish lads managed to catch 20 pikes with a few big ones also. Their biggest fish measured 100cm that day.

Yesterday all the weekend package groups arrived and it was a busy afternoon with a couple of propeller switches as well. One group found the right spot directly since the third cast of their trip resulted in a 10kg+ pike! Amounts wasn't great but still nice result with such a big pike directly.

Weather conditions obviously change a lot during this time of the year, with some days of sparkling sun and no clouds, while some days with rain, clouds, sun and everything at the same time. Wind is also spinning like a clock at the moment. Yesterday W/SW and today N/NW while tomorrow seems to offer north winds in the morning and south winds in the afternoon. These facts doesn't really help us out since pike fishing most of times are affected in a negative way by these weather changes.

A half day guided trip today resulted in no more than three pikes in the boat plus two faul hooked big breams. Slow fishing but we did see many pikes in shallow water so hopefully my guests can go back there later or tomorrow and experience better fishing than what we did this morning.

Overall results seems to variate a lot between the boats. If you find the "right" spots, you can be successful but if you don't, it's hard to even catch a handful of pikes.

To be back with more reports from this week, most probably on Sunday.

// Daniel Wickman


Great updates, Daniel, keep'm coming!

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