Thursday, May 29, 2014

Time for update!

Hi guys,

It's been a while since last post and finally I've got some time over to make an update for you.

Some days ago the group from France left us after a week of fishing. They ended up with a stunning result of 831 pikes on 9 anglers, 6,5 fishing days. Unfortunately no meter pike but several nice fish in the upper 90's. Some mixed photos of their stay can be seen below this text.

We also hosted CA Worldfishing from Czech Republic during last weekend and as I mentioned in previous post I went out for some fishing with them. In 4 days they caught a few nice +90cm pikes and seemed to have a nice time while evaluating our product for their clients. Many pictures from their visit can be seen via our Facebook page where I've linked to their photos. Take a look, several nice pics!

Furthermore, we've been having very strong winds last two days from north. Up to 20m/s in squalls. Luckily, strength has decreased during the night so hopefully all 7 teams this weekend will have good fishing upcoming days.

Also to be mentioned is that our returning guests from Belgium managed to catch a meter pike in the strong winds the day before yesterday. Really hard conditions but still they battle on out there and got rewarded.

A guided trip is booked tomorrow with Swedish guests so hopefully we can manage to find some hotspots!

Will be back later on this weekend with a hopefully nice report from this very last weekend of fishing in May.

Until next time, stay well!

// Daniel Wickman