Saturday, May 10, 2014

There are ups and downs

Hi to all,

A new weekend is here and a lot of anglers are spending their fishing holidays at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing at the moment. During the week we've been having returning guests from Sweden and Netherlands but to be honest, fishing has actually been a bit slow this week. Some days very good but last couple of days not that good. A few days some guests has reported up to 40 pikes in one boat but there's been more days with 5-10 pikes/day and boat.

My myself experience the same resulsts during this weeks guided fishing trips. Some spots are holding good amounts of pikes while a lot of normally good spots don't deliver pikes at all. A few pikes just under the meter has been caught during the week but no meter+ as far as I know.

Furthermore, I still receive reports about pikes that hasn't been spawning yet. Those pikes are few, since most are done by far. But it's remarkable anyway, since we're in mid May soon and water temperature shows 12-13 degrees.

Anyway, weather looks good right now with moderate winds from S/SW and today I went out for a guided trip with Tor and part of his family. Since they are beginners, even the small pikes got their interest. But small was not the only ones that we caught. Tor managed to catch a new personal best and after a good fight a beutiful spawned pike of 102cm - 8,45kg was laying safely in the net. Some pictures later she could swim back and both me and our guests got really happy of course to see this fish go back and the experience of fighting such a big fish will stay in their memories for a long time!

At the moment we are having all boats out for fishing so hopefully fishing will be good for our guests!

// Daniel Wickman