Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday pike scout

Monday is most weeks my day off work and so even this week. Of course a day off work in my book is equal to fishing and today was no exception.

Morning started out with no winds so I took the opportunity to relax by some islands with a little fishing and just hanging around. Around noon wind was increasing so I tried a bit harder and found pikes at almost every stop. I began far out in the archipelago and luckily there were plenty of pikes, even good sized ones, out there. All of them were not eager to bite since most of them just curiously followed my lures.

After I landed a small 75cm fish both number and sizes increased quickly. A fish a few centimeters under the three digit margin took a 6'' Relax in green/motoroil colour and gave me a hint of how this day was about to go on.

Back at Dragsö I could sum up a total of 17 fish with several really nice fish as you can see on the pictures below. Hopefully they will be over the meter margin next time. It should also be mentioned that I lost a B I G fish by the boat, estimated size 105cm - +8kgs.

Best lures today was Svartzonker Mctail with Bigtail, Relax 6'' in motoroil colour and Svartzonker Big Mcmy.

And hey, check out our Facebook page or our YouTube channel to see a great clip from our Dutchies Pascal and Dennis who filmed a catch of a 101cm pike!

// Daniel Wickman


Hi Daniel, looks nice!
Next week Wednesday we will arrive.

Thursday you will guide us to the hotspots... :-)
Can we go with two boats?

Best regards,