Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Biggest pike of spring season!

Hi guys,

Back on work after a couple of days on the water on my own. We've been having hard fishing conditions last couple of days with 22+ degrees in the air, mostly no wind and clear waters. But wind has started to pick up a little today and will be increasing during the night as well so it starts to feel really good!

Yesterday I received two very nice reports. One of them came from returning guests from Latvia. Kislina and his friends managed to catch a season high pike of 114 centimeters! This pike was caught in shallow water on a small spoon in blue/white/black colour. Great catch!!

The other report came from Ingemar who have been fishing with me twice on guided trips last two years. He sent me a picture yesterday of a stunning pike of 115cm, 13.8kgs! New personal best of course and really nice fish!

Upcoming days we will have many fishing guests here and hopefully many reports to follow during the week!

// Daniel Wickman