Sunday, May 18, 2014

Big pike and propeller disaster

Another week is coming to its end and we've been quite busy since most boats have been out since Thursday. Fortunately, everything has been working well and some groups did very well during their stay. Biggest pike of the weekend was 110cm with a weight of 10.16 kilos. A beautiful pike caught on a Buster Jerk in natural colour. Will be back with a picture of this pike as soon as I've received it to my mail box.

Yesterday we also said hello to returning guests from France who last year beat our camp record in amounts. 845 pikes, 9 persons and barely 7 fishing days. Of course these numbers will be hard to beat but after their first half day of fishing in bad conditions (sun and no wind) they had 63 pikes with a top of 96cm. Not a to bad start!

They also had an encounter with a fishing net in their propeller which forced them to tow each other into the camp again. Unfortunately, there's a lot of fishing nets in our surrounding waters right now and a lot of them are not marked properly. Hate it, but there isn't much to do about this matter other than contacting the police/coast guards.

Will be off work for two days now so hopefully I will have some nice reports to share with you guys later on in next week!

// Daniel Wickman