Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Great summer for anglers!


Yesterday we throw away June from our calendars and welcomed what in many Swedish people minds is the best month on the whole year. It's time for holidays and July.

Normally, July isn't really the best month for pike fishing though. Great heat and many times water temperature exceeds +20 degrees celsius. This year July has started out different. Wind strength has been strong last couple of weeks with approx 6-8m/s in average, and air temperature hasn't been more than about 18-23 degrees last week.

Since I had a day off yesterday, of course time was spent on water. Continously nice fish is coming up almost every time and my top fish yesterday measured a few millimeters beyond the meter. Still of course it's a nice fish, even though I hoped that this fish was going to reach the three digit numbers on the scale.

I also received a text message from our Swedish company that are here for a week of fishing. They ended up yesterday evening by finding a good spot after recommendations from me. 97, 92 and a 85cm fish was caught in short time just by the sunset.

More to come!

// Daniel Wickman