Friday, July 5, 2013

Pikesafari #2 2013

Another weekend is approaching and time is flying by. It feels like I was writing the first summary of pikesafari just a few days ago, but actually it has been a week from now.

Anyhow, yesterday the second pikesafari of the year was performed. We had really nice weather the whole day and it continued during the evening as well. Approx 22' degrees, no clouds and barely no wind. Not really the best conditions for pike fishing but it was for sure an enjoyable evening.

With 20 anglers distributed on 6 boats, I decided to go a bit further west today. We started out by Tromtö, Ivö island and Ekeskär. Fishing wasn't to good to be honest and only a few pikes was eager enough (or stupid enough?) to bite. Sizes? Well the pikes that actually was caught here didn't really write themselves into the scorebooks.

Furthermore, we did gather up after about one hour of fishing to go to next site which today was the area between Haglö/Varö island, just a bit closer to Dragsö and Karlskrona city. At this place, pikes seemed to be a bit more active but still the bigger samples obviously was somewhere else this evening. In my boat, I was fishing with two young, and very talented anglers together with older relative. In just a few minutes one of the kids managed to strike a better sized pike on a natural coloured softbait. Unfortunately this fish was fighting to well and won the battle after some fighting. Luckily at least 5 smaller pikes was caught in my boat and when we got back we summed up a total of 17 caught pikes on 6 boats. Also one perch was reported of 35cm, which is a pretty good size.

Winnerfish this time measured unspectacular 67 centimeters so this evening was for sure a trip in the kindergarden. Hopefully we can manage to find better size next week!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

// Daniel Wickman