Saturday, June 29, 2013

Way to go!

June fishing is continuously hot! Almost every fishing opportunity results in 90+ fish and today was no exception. In just 2 hours I managed to catch 9 fish with top sizes 96, 94, 92cm. 5 more of them measured 80cm or more, so average size today was good.

In the last couple of days several good size fish has been coming up in our area. Yesterday Jens who owns Jenzza lures caught a very nice 106cm pike and the weight was 9.2kg. The day before yesterday David who works with us on the Pike safaris caught a 107cm pike. Unfortunately I have no photos of this fish, since he told me that he didn't bring a camera. So this fish I seriously doubt since he otherwise would be very cocky about his catch ;)

Even though we've got summer now with plenty of camping guests, we also have fishing groups here at the moment. Returning guests from Sweden and also one group from Poland.

Hopefully some nice reports will follow upcoming days as well. Weather conditions looks promising with partly cloudy days and approx 5-8m/s south/southwest winds.

// Daniel Wickman

Pike caught by Jenzza yesterday, 106cm!