Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Success in sunset

Went out yesterday with friends and tried for a few hours. Fishing was not to good in the early evening hours but just before sunset we managed to catch some pikes. First a 90cm fish that found interest in my Real eel 40cm, and just a bit later we got a double strike where I immediately felt that my fish was of good size. The fish was incredibly strong and fighted very well. Just before I was going to land the pike with my hands, my stinger wire broke up and the pike was standing still on the surface for a short while. Sorry Savage Gear, but this was the third time your wires broke for me and I recommend everyone to make their own stingers if using their lures...

Since I early discovered that the treble hook was set just below the mouth, a firm grip with just the hands was going to be risky business. But as the situation was, I had no other option than trying to get a fast and firm grip of the fish. At that moment the hook was easily forgotten and fast like a King Cobra my hand was placed with a steady, but still risky grip around the gills. Fortunately we had a net in the boat that I could use to secure the fish and myself before getting rid of the hook.

After a quick photo the pike was measured to 102,5cm and then released to its right environment. Once again a good sized pike and at the moment pikes seems to like what I present to them.

Fishing is great fun!!!

// Daniel Wickman


Risky business :-))
Nice story & nice catch, thx Daniel!

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